Lola's Ladies

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The Fashion design work of Lola Mayer is showcased in a coloring book for adults, Lola's Ladies, available  on

1932 Self Portrait

As a young girl, Lola loved drawing and creating fashions.

In 1934 Lola won a scholarship to Madame Lucille's School of Design in Oakland, Ca.

By having her dress making business Lola continued her love of designing throughout her married life.

Now 8o+ years later, her daughters Vicki and Mary are delighted to share her fabulous fashions.

Pair your art and craft ideas with the coloring pages from this book.

Lola cut out the lace area in this dress and lined the cut out section of the drawing with fabric lace.

Lola designed many of her fashions while sitting at the kitchen counter in her family home in Oakland.